Saturday, January 8, 2011

Three days in Paris at Joyeux Noel time!

I am going to get to Shirley but first I need to show you some windows I saw during my three precious days in the city of lights. At Au Printemps department store the windows were bejeweled for holiday magique.............

...even the ceilings were festive. Lights and ribbons and ornaments hanging from the walkways outside!!! The french never leave you wanting more details. They just leave you wanting more ... insert sigh here at the memory of it all.

...from ghosts chasing children around at a christmas feast to busts that look like they came to life just for the holidays the windows were truly something from a dream of a place you can only find in Paris.

I found myself wondering if this man was real from another time or just a real dream of someones mind for the holiday season. Either way it fun to think of his life and how he ended up with his louvre museum like image hanging out for the holidays in Paris ....just like me.


  1. You are lucky girl. I have been there but only on tour. I will be back Laura

  2. Don't they just do it right? I feel like I have seen that gentleman before...somewhere.
    Thank you for a bit of Paris. My favorite

    Flora Doora

  3. You lucky, lucky girl...!!! Can't wait to see more!!

  4. Wow... wow... and WOW! Lucky Girl! I'm still swooning over that Crystal Chandelier!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Simply Beautiful! Wanting more for sure.~Cheers Kim

  6. And you said you couldn't take good pictures! These images book worthy!Some of the very BEST I have seen!! I am stealing a few from you~~

  7. I will not tell you again madame