Monday, January 17, 2011

Swans and a Salle de Bain with a view

This is the salle du bain at Shirley and Marks house.It is fab with its open beams and coir rug going floor to floor.It is truly country french.A old house Hundreds of years old. The kind of thing us americans try to do only we never seems to do it justice.I adore the way it leads you to a calm and peaceful place. So thoughtful and charming. A work of love that was a long time coming and they deserve it.
I got excited just looking at the door. They really did an incredible job in restoring it in period style.It takes a lot of time and patience to wait for doors and windows the right size.
As I got out of the tub and went to the window I was so overcome buy the beauty of the grey skies and what I saw.(yes,I had the camera with me)I then ran outside hair soaking wet in Marks wellies to snap the pictured below.
Swans. Swans a swimming to be exact. Why did I not take the pic from inside? I paniced.It is not every day you see a couple of swans outside the window your looking out of. I know this picture does not do justice to what I saw. In vain I tried to have some help making this picture better but my people could not help. The swans were leaving for the day and I was too.We were both having our swan song.


  1. It is a gorgeous view for sure, I can see what you were trying to capture, Swans are amazing and to see them in the wild is Simply Beautiful!
    Also that door is really something else, they must have a lovely home.I love all your pictures.Thanks & Blessings~Kim

  2. How exciting to see swans from that beautiful bathroom.