Thursday, January 20, 2011

Whats on the Menu................

I arrived home from Paris two days before Thanksgiving. (As Shirley calls it my first Christmas. Those english folk do not know what they are missing.) What was on the menu for me was the second Christmas and I was in charge of two parties, one daughters 13th birthday and a little wedding reception for my niece.115 people move the furniture out of the house reception. No big deal. Did I mention I was in charge of all the flowers? At least I did not have to cook. If you click on the menu above you will see what they were having for dinner 1898 style in France. At the second course of oxtail soup I lost my appetite fast. With all I had to do it looked as if my mind was close behind.
But all was not lost. I knew I would have a stunningly beautiful table this year. Upon arrival to the Chateau I had the most delectible confection waiting for me. A beauty and I mean beauty of a tablecloth from the Hotel Ritz Carlton in Paris. Shirley, the best antique truffler I know had not one, not two, but three of these. Who has one of these let alone three? As I was coming over the ocean they were selling like hotcakes on Ebay and she saved one for me because she knew I had a couple of napkins to go with it. Or maybe she gave it to me because she would get some sick sense of humor picturing me ironing it. This is Shirley we are talking about.I love her but love the tablecloth even more. Thanks you old tarte. Yeah, I went there . You english people know what that means don't you ? That means street walker in your neck of the woods. Street walker. As a english american person I can tell you I did not know what it meant . I assumed that it was a very fun way of saying I was sassy,you know me being so innocent and all. So picture me 7 hours into a international flight with a 9 year old english boy sitting next to me starting to act sassy.I told him" your a little tarte aren't you"? His eyes open as big as silver dollars (Or pence or quid whatever you fish and chips lovers call money) at the same time his brother in front of me turned around as the 9 year old screams" Mummy, she just called me a tarte!!!" She thinks he has misunderstood as his brother says he heard it as well no mistake.I then had to explain that my friend used it as a term of endearment. You can imagine her thinking what kind of friend I had as I myself had to ask myself the same thing.I then realized I had a wonderful fun loving friend who would throw me under the bus kind of friend. I immediately started thinking of ways to get her back. Oh yeah ,she taught me the W word too which is for wally ,which means stupid. I had to find that out the hard way as I spoke to her daughter the first time and said Hello, Wally and she said "Why are you calling me stupid?" I have had to learn English lessons as well as French to hang out with Shirley..... I could go on on but will stop for today.
I got the tree trimmed...........................
.........and the mantles decorated. This is a precious angel that was used in theatrical productions. I got three of them last year at a flea market in Nimes . Living in 120 year old house I have six mantles to decorate. Before you get all jealous you might feel better knowing none of them work as they only burn coal and our heat bill for December was 492.86 but they look fabulous................
....... and speaking of angels , one of them is missing their wings as these came home with me. O.k so you caught me. So, three angels are missing their wings cause three sets came home with me. Is it a crime? Yeah, a crime of passion. One of them moved to California to French Blues house as they don't like the cold Oregon weather. She can offer them the fresh ocean breeze . I know they will be happy there. These came from Clingancourt in Paris and when I saw them I was screaming on the inside. I marched up and took every pair they had off the wall as quick as I could. I would have had four but this sweet English lady ran all the way to get money to buy a pair and I felt sorry for her so I let her have one. She said, "thanks wally" and was on her way. Just kidding. I have only seen these in magazines and I don't know if you can see the laces hanging off of them but that was so the children could hang them off backs for the Christmas Pagents at the Catholic church.Thank you Jesus for Christmas and soft grey white hand sewn wings. I think he is the best for coming up with all these good ideas. I will show you more treats I got if you want me to tomorrow. Bonne Nuit Ma Belles. I love you Shirley girly....and Janet from French Blue too!!


  1. Simply Lovely! You have great style & taste your home is beautiful! Love the angel~Cheers Kim

  2. Amy,

    And YOU have NO idea how the salt air is relishing through every fiber of these holy water soaked pair of lost little angel wings~~~ The angel who lost her wings that day should know they are blessing me everyday! There are no words to say what they do to me. I find myself making the sign of the cross sometimes when I look at them. I want kiss them. They make me feel like a little girl in church again. Mostly they make me feel SO Loved...just being here, from you~
    I will cherish them FOREVER.

    Your Ritz Paris tablecloth from Shirley is AMAZING! You two are silly together. I can totally see why you love it more than her...(just kidding:)

    But I DO Love You more than my angel wings from an old Catholic Church in France that were found at Clingancourt in Paris!